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shopping cart - Questions About Ordering

Our preferred method of answering your questions is through email. If you can't place your order through our online shopping cart software or you are having difficulty with any part of the ordering process simply send us an emeil and we'll get back to you quickly. Often we can answer questions within 30 minutes. Generally though if it is late or on a weekend we may be away from our desks. Our email address is oldwestps@gmail.com
We print on a first come first serve basis. We have a long list of orders waiting to be printed. We not only print for the home market. We also print for card rooms and casinos. These orders can be very large. We do our best to finish orders as soon as we can. However printing is not an easy or simple task and the last thing you as a discerning customer needs is a print employee rushing through your order. That will only cause errors.
It's always good to be a little skeptical about who you're doing business with on the internet. We can assure you that we take every precaution in handling your transaction and order. We have been doing business on the internet since 2003. We have used PayPal for our credit card processing since we began. In that time we have never had any breaches of our customers information. We also never store any of your financial information. It is all handled by our payment processor.

Whenever you place an order it is encrypted through Secure Socket Layer technology or SSL which locks up your data in secure encrypted packets in order to get it safely where it belongs. Only the computer on the other end which it is intended for has the key to unlock that data packet.
We can always send you an invoice through PayPal, Square or even via the good old US Postal Service. We do however not keep accounts or offer terms. We require payment for products prior to shipping. If you would like us to send you a proper invoice simply send us an email to oldwestps@gmail.com detailing your order and delivery address.
Absolutley, we can help you with that. There's a sliding scale for a lot of chips because it really depends on which chips you order and how many you consider to be "a lot". Please send us an email at oldwestps@gmail.com and tell us which chip you plan on ordering and how many you want and we'll try and give you a good deal.
We are a company headquartered in Portland, Oregon, USA where there are no state sales taxes. Therefore, no one will ever pay sales tax on a sale through our web site. Ever.

retro camera - Questions about Artwork and Design for your Custom Ceramic Poker Chips

We now have a page dedicated specifically to helping you figure out how to design your poker chips OR having us design them. Just go to our Design page here..

poker dice - Questions about Poker Supplies in General

Alignment has to do with custom artwork on poker chips. The process of aligning artwork in any manner takes additional labor and skilled workers so it requires a fee for offering the service. There are two types of alignment.

Edge Alignment (or "edge spot alignment") is the alignment of any of the artwork elements on the face of a poker chip with any artwork or element on the rolling edge of the poker chip. See the figure below:

Face Alignment is the alignment of the two faces of the poker chip. The easiest way to imagine this is to picture a double headed coin or chip standing on edge on a table so the head on one side is upright. If you were able to see the other side of that coin it would also be upright. See the image below:

Ceramic poker chips like our "custom ceramics" are actually made of a resin composite that is a trade secret. They were once made from a ceramic material but the formula has been changed over many years in order to make them more durable and versatile. Ceramic chips are usually injection molded like plastic. They are also coated in a synthetic polymer so that they can accept heat transferred ink.
Back before Las Vegas was even a twinkle in Bugsy Siegel's eye casino chips may have been made of 100% clay but they were likely very easy to break. Eventually they were made to be much more durable. Modern "clay" chips can have sand, chalk, and clay and then usually some added resin and even flecks of metal. For each manufacturer of "clay" chip there is another recipe which is always their trade secret developed over the years. Modern clay chips are actually compression molded with heat and pressure.
No, generally they do not. Our custom and stock ceramic poker chips have the artwork printed directly into the surface of the chip through a heat and pressure transfer process. (There are hybrid ceramic poker chips which only serve to confuse people, lol.)
We carry only one case for poker plaques. It's the only case we know of made especially for plaques. It was made for the small dice poker plaques. But it works well for almost any odd sized poker button or plaque that you might want to use it for. You can find it here. Poker Plaque Case