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The Official 2016 WSOP Copag Playing Cards Are Here!

SALVATORE APODACA - Sunday, May 07, 2017

(get Lace cards here) (get Main Event cards here)

With over 6700 entrants in 2016 the popularity of the World Series Of Poker doesn't seem to be waning one bit. And every year we get a new batch of the official cards to sell to the masses. They go pretty quick so you'll probably want to get your hands on them right away. You can put them into play while the 2017 WSOP begins or just keep them in their packaging like so many collectors out there.

Here's the official spiel from the manufacturer...

"Poker enthusiasts will love this 2016 World Series of Poker playing card set. Brand new, sealed and never used, this set is a must-have for any collector. These are the very same 100% plastic playing cards used by all World Series of Poker players who participated in the tournament at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in Paradise, Nevada. The same cards Qui Nguyen used when he took home $8 million and the coveted bracelet last year."

And don't forget that Copag is still one of the best card manufacturers in the world. Manufactured in Brazil by Copag, these cards are made from Copag's proprietary 100% acetate plastic. Seasoned players know that Copag cards last longer, shuffle better, and deal so fluidly that you'll never want to play with another paper or vinyl card ever again.

Coming Soon! Venmo Checkout Support!

SALVATORE APODACA - Friday, May 05, 2017

I'm an old school PayPal user. Of course Old West Poker Supplies has been using PayPal for it's checkout services for since our company was founded in 2003. Now apparently all the rage is Venmo amongst "millennials". It seems to be a popular choice for that younger generation for making payments and exchanging money between friends. Well, if you happen to be a Venmo user you'll be able to use it to checkout using PayPal very soon.

"What is Venmo? Venmo is a popular social payments service that lets people make and share payments with their friends, family and approved businesses. Accepting Venmo payments can give you access to new buyers and provide marketing exposure for your business when Venmo users choose to share purchases through their Venmo social feed."

The big secret to most Venmo users is that PayPal owns the company. It became part of the PayPal family in 2013. This is all news to me as well. I mean it's really news to me because I quite literally just downloaded the Venmo app to my phone after reading the announcement from a PayPal email this morning.

"As part of our commitment to deliver payment innovations that give your customers more ways to pay, we’re pleased to announce a new feature of your PayPal account: Venmo users will soon be able to make mobile purchases through your PayPal checkout," according to PayPal.

I'm sure I'll be learning a lot more about Venmo soon. And I want to welcome everyone who uses that handy little app. I'm sure there will be some incentives rolled out to encourage Venmo users to make purchases through stores that accept PayPal. I guess we'll see soon.

Huge "Dealer Button Bazaar" Group Buy!

SALVATORE APODACA - Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Huge "Dealer Button Bazaar" Group Buy! We're taking order now until May 17th. Order here.

Chocked full of old buttons that are out of print or have never been printed before, new buttons and buttons we've only offered on a limited basis.

Just so you understand that there is a community of people who have an obsession with poker chips. It's about the art and construction as much as it is about the game. Folks spend thousands of dollars on different sets of new and used poker chips from manufacturers as well as from real casinos that change their styles of poker chips often or close and auction them off.

Seriously, check out these button designs and you'll see an array of different designs for dealer buttons that are related to all kinds of real and fictional casinos as well as designs that were popular amongst those in the poker chip community - call them aficionados if you must. 

(From left to right, top to bottom) Casablanca Casino, Casino Aztar, Even Stevens, Garden City, Oak Tree, Par-A-Dice Riverboat Casino, Casino Pointe After, Rounders, Terrible's, Casino de Isthmus and President Casino on the Admiral.

Dealer buttons are obviously a collector's passion in some circles. We like to match them to sets that people purchase over the years from actual casinos or group buys for chips that have formed over the years on poker chip forums including Chiptalk, Poker Chip Forum and Home Poker Tourney.

Below are a few more designs we also contributed to the group buy.

Of course the Top Hat & Cane buttons are for the many folks lucky enough to have the World TH&C poker chips that are no longer in print but were very popular for many years.

There have been no group buys for Stardust chips but we plan on releasing some replica chips in the near future for that iconic now closed casino.

There also a few more designs not shown here but below are the Atlantic Club buttons. And the interesting Iron Bank dealer buttons in homage to that great show on television I probably don't have to mention.

This group buy as mentioned above was started on Poker Chip Forum. You can follow the link. Or you can just purchase some of the buttons from our store for a limited time. The link to our Group Buy catalog is right here.

These are just some of the fun things us poker chip enthusiasts do to pass the time. Well, it's my job but you get the idea. It's a passion. 


Old West Gunslinging Poker Players

SALVATORE APODACA - Friday, December 16, 2016
Old West Gunslinging Poker Players

There has always been a fascination with the Wild West. Popular television shows like Gunsmoke is where the famous quote “get outta Dodge” originated referring to villains to leave Dodge City, Kansas that became a household phrase in the 1960s and 70s. Actor John Wayne was the cowboy legend that stole the hearts of his audience on the silver screen and songs like Will Smith’s song Wild Wild West topped the billboard charts.

The Wild West also recognized as The Old West, is defined at the turn of the 19th century after the Civil War ended. This era was initially born between Texas and California eventually expanding all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

Areas were sluggish along mining towns and desolate prairie settlements that were protected by local mountaineer. With the war over and plenty of discharged soldiers, an onslaught for corruption and crime erupted.

In smoky filled saloons liquor was overflowing and prostitution was prevalent. To pass time the likes of Wild Bill Hickock, Doc Holiday, Wyatt Earp and Wild Bill Hickok would sit down with their backs to the wall and a loaded gun strapped to their hip played poker in between shootouts and “soiled doves” (term for prostitutes). It became a serious business for players who needed financial resources.

Wild West Card Games

A deck of cards in the Old West era were smaller and had only twenty cards: A-K-Q-J-10 in the four standard suits we are familiar with today. These poker games started by dealing out the entire deck to each player, and until draw poker swept across the West, there was no such thing as a draw. Hands were made up out of what cards you were dealt, rather than drawing towards a better hand.

Poker winning hand combinations were also unique too, with “full” akin to a full house and “triplets” related to the three of kind variety and the Royal Flush. But poker wasn’t the only popular card game during the Old West. These games were popular too:

Three Card Monte – Three cards are placed face-down and quickly switched around, and the player must identify the card with the queen. While some establishments might have run a fair game, the potential for sleight of hand on the part of the dealer has made Three Card Monte a popular con game in the modern era.

Faro – This was among one of the most favored and prolific games partially because it was so easy to learn. A single deck was in play as wagers were placed on one dealer's card and one player's card that was drawn from the deck. Any bets on the dealer’s hand went to the house and players card was paid  in even money. Another option was a “high card,” a wager that the player’s card would be of a higher than dealer’s.

Brag – This is card game has similarities to poker but is much older dating back to the 16th century. There are 3 cards per player in play with the strongest hand winning.

Legendary Hands

Dead Man’s Hand - Just in case you have conjured up thoughts of a dead man playing poker, it isn’t quite as morbid as all that but nonetheless it the kind of story that will live on for centuries to come. It began on August 2nd, 1876; Wild Bill Hickok (inducted in the Poker Hall of Fame in 1979) entered Nuttal & Mann’s Saloon No. 10 in the mining camp of Deadwood and sat down to a game of poker. He was notoriously known as the deadliest gunmen in Old West and always sat with his back against the wall keeping a watchful eye on everyone who entered. Today though was different, after trying to trade seats with another player without no success he had no choice but to sit with his back to the door.

Tensions rose when John “Jack” McCall, the brother Hickok killed walked into the saloon. Rumors suggest the real motive for shooting him was because he was angry over a loan for breakfast Hickok offered him the morning before. McCall snuck up behind Hickok and shot him in the back of the head and was killed right there on the spot. At the precise moment, he was shot Hickok held in his hand a pair of aces and a pair of eights all black. Thus, has been coined the “Dead Man’s Hand” by players holding it.

Poker Alice – Originating from England to Colorado in the in the 1860s she was a quick learner of poker after watching her mining engineering husband play in the gambling halls. When her spouse passed away she was confident enough to try her hand at poker for a way to make ends meet. She amassed a small fortune for that time period of $5,000 when she retired. There was nothing dainty about her after shooting two men and killing one. She moved to New York and opened a brothel and card room.

There are countless compelling poker stories and impressive characters that have been the interest of card game enthusiasts across the country and around the world.

The Wild West left behind a history filled legacy, that has transcended over time in a more civilized manner today. There are now several poker variations which have expanded greatly over the years.Gamblers now congregate at plush land based casinos far away from saloons and brothels.


Poker Chip Forum Group Buys are Here!

SALVATORE APODACA - Friday, October 21, 2016

We are kicking off a new feature in our store. We are taking orders for limited edition group buys directly on our site. Hopefully this will work well for future group buys and we'll have a lot more.

Are you new to group buys? Group buys or "collective buys" are started usually by collectors and insiders who want to create and offer a limited edition product. We usually see them on the popular niche poker chip forums: PokerChipForum, ChipTalk and HomePokerTourney where poker chip collectors, poker players, hobbyists and professionals gather to talk everything poker and poker chips.

Often when ordering custom poker chip sets or other accessories like buttons or plaques the manufacturers will require minimum order quantities which are not reasonable for one person to order. So a collection of members will join together so they can meet those minimums and often get discounts on their purchases. The discount feature was exploited by the widely popular app Groupon. So this is a popular movement.

We have not offered group buys directly on our web site before but we hope that it will be a feature you all enjoy. 

You can view our current group buys here...

And check out the beautiful image of our first official on-site group buy below:

CMYK Color Wheel Chips are Back in Stock Folks!

SALVATORE APODACA - Monday, October 10, 2016

That's right! CMYK Color Wheel Chips are Back in Stock!

Finally, right? We're sorry for the delay. It took us a while to get the new sets printed but we are good to go. The colors are fresh and ready to roll.


Price Increase on Custom/Stock Ceramic Chips

SALVATORE APODACA - Tuesday, August 09, 2016

UPDATE: Some changes were made to this document on August 12th.

It's unfortunate but change is inevitable. We were forced recently by the market to raise our prices and minimums on our custom and stock ceramic poker chips.

Hopefully the slightly higher prices won't scare you away.

Here are the new minimums for the different sized chips, plaques and buttons:

Ceramic Poker Chips – Minimums are 50 for each design or denomination
39 mm Custom Ceramic Poker Chips - 10 grams
43 mm Custom Ceramic Poker Chips - 12 grams
47 mm Custom Ceramic Poker Chips - 14 grams
Octagon 43.5 mm Custom Ceramic Poker Chips - 14 grams

Ceramic Dealer Buttons – Minimums are 5 for each design
2 Inch Custom Ceramic Dealer Buttons - 25 grams
60 mm Custom Ceramic Poker Buttons - 40 grams

Ceramic Plaques - Minimums are 10 for each design or denomination
68 mm Custom Ceramic Poker Plaque - 40 grams
82 mm Custom Ceramic Poker Plaque - 60 grams
85 mm Custom Ceramic Poker Plaque - 40 grams
94 mm Custom Ceramic Poker Plaque - 80 grams
107 mm Custom King Size Ceramic Poker Plaque - 100 grams

Oval Ceramic Plaques - Minimums are 10 for each design or denomination
Oval 68 mm Custom Ceramic Poker Plaque - 40 grams
Oval 82 mm Custom Ceramic Poker Plaque - 60 grams
Oval 94 mm Custom Ceramic Poker Plaque - 80 grams
Oval 107 mm Custom King Size Ceramic Poker Plaque - 100 grams

If you have more questions let us know by sending us an email to

Thanks for your patronage.

Casino gaming: most common mistakes

SALVATORE APODACA - Thursday, June 30, 2016

image of Casino Royale
By , Markyboy81 - [1], CC BY 2.0

Although the casino can be exciting, particularly for anyone weaned on 007, it can also be more than a little daunting for those who have never gambled before. With experienced players all around, as well as the house advantage, a lot of newbies lose the plot – and their money. However if you keep your head you can avoid making common casino mistakes such as these ones.


Poker is a very popular game, but given the level of skill involved, also one of the easiest for new players to make mistakes playing. Indeed, jumping straight into trying to play poker when they are not fully familiar with it is a very common mistake and one guaranteed to cost you against experienced players. Play your friends, and take lessons, until you are more skilled and confident. Another common poker error made by newer players is to chase losses by continuing to play, in the hope that their luck will turn. If you are having a bad night, the smart strategy is always to cut your losses and come back another night with a clear head.


This is another popular, but complex, card game for new players to grasp. One frequent mistake they make is to start playing before they know the language of signs and symbols that blackjack players use to indicate whether they wish to ‘stay’ or be ‘hit’ with more cards. Rubbing your index finger on the table indicates you want to be ‘hit’ while waving your hand across your blackjack cards indicates a ‘stay’. There is also the fact that an ace in blackjack can be worth either 11 or 1, leaving the player to calculate two totals if they have an ace card in their hand – soft hands are where aces are worth 11, while hard hands are where they are worth 1. You can see why Bond stuck to baccarat!


As with other casino games, roulette is something that has to be learned if you want to become a good player in the long term, rather just briefly lucky. Roulette is a game where the house advantage is comparatively low – for example it is 2.7 percent in European roulette – and thus new players often bet big very quickly. They are encouraged to do this by the casino, but it usually results in heavy losses, meaning you should look for tables that take the lowest bets and start out by gambling smaller sums. Another regular rookie error is to bet too often in one game, whereas you should go with even money bets spread throughout the evening’s play.


This is the easiest type of casino game for new players, but mistakes can still be made. One is to try and use a system for winning at slots, when in fact they are purely luck-based – with the spins not relating to each other at all. Another is to assume that payouts occur inevitably if you play for long enough: the times they happen are entirely random, sometimes in quick succession, other times with long breaks between.

Learning the ropes when it comes to casino games isn’t easy, but by following this guide and working at it, you can have Bond’s self confidence before you know it.

Free Artwork and Prototyping! Yup, Free!

SALVATORE APODACA - Friday, June 17, 2016

When I founded Old West Poker Supplies it was actually called Old West Games & Tables. The company wasn't as focused on custom ceramic poker chips as it is now. I wanted to expand into custom table and case building but dreams don't always come true and sometimes that's for a good reason. Eventually we found our niche in the ceramic poker chip community and ran with it. I was able to infuse my love for and education in graphic design into the business model.

When we first started offering design to our customers we were often doing designs based on a promise that the customer would then place an order. I soon learned that we were getting a lot of requests but they weren't actually turning into orders. So we modified our business plan to include free artwork but only on paid orders. It worked. We have been offering that same free artwork service now for 13 years this month.

So if you are a paying customer you can get free artwork creation from concept to print. We will work with you until you are satisfied. And if we can't settle on a design for you we will refund your order. Just a hint: that's never happened. We will also prototype your poker chip design absolutely free and send it to your front door so you can exactly how your design will print. No surprises!

The one drawback to prototyping is that because of how popular the service is it will take two to three weeks to complete the prototyping.

It's really a great service. Our customers love it and we love being able to offer it. If you want to take advantage of these free services then just place your order for any of our custom ceramic poker chips, buttons or plaques and then send us an email referring to your order. Let us know how we can help you with your chip design and we can begin the process from there.

Have a great Father's Day.

-Salvatore Apodaca,
Designer & Founder
Old West Poker Supplies LLC

The Best Wild West Themed Slot Machine Games in Vegas

SALVATORE APODACA - Wednesday, June 08, 2016

We can take a stroll down memory lane by watching a Clint Eastwood movie or better yet visit an online casino or go to Las Vegas, if the opportunity presents itself, and hit the Wild West themed slot machines. The scariest and harshest place I could imagine is the Wild West. Surely there was never a dull moment there. Fortunately for us that time has passed and now we are more of a couch potato generation. Nowadays there are tablets, phones, computers and so many different gadgets which allow us to surround ourselves in an environment of our choice. In a sense we can travel back in time and experience the lives of Billy the Kid and Wyatt Earp or remind ourselves of the Civil War. One of the most amusing ways to do this is by heading to Las Vegas and playing on one of the Wild West themed slot machines.


You can bring the casino experience home if you prefer. Make you poker nights memorable and visit the best page for casino supplies. You can find casino games, poker trophies, poker chips and many other things. The best hosts are the ones that are always prepared. However undoubtedly when someone mentions a weekend in Las Vegas our heart skips a beat and our brains, like a dog with a bone, focuses only on one thing. There is nothing better than spending a night in “Sin City”. Despite all the partying and all the alcohol you are surely there to test your luck. There are so many different ways to do that. My favorite games are the slot machines, especially the ones with Wild West theme. You can find your top Wild West slot game at top mobile casinos for UK gamblers. Some of my absolute number 1 choices are found online and some are in the Las Vegas casinos. Let`s list some of them.

1. Black Gold

The Wild West is not all about saloons and standoffs. Drilling for oil had also been a hot topic. Here you will find Ol` Bill and his trusty horse searching for that precious liquid. The design is pretty impressive and the sound and background fit the bill too. You can choose from 30 pay-lines and 5 reels.

2. Western Belles

For those of you who enjoy a lady`s company the Western Bells slot machine will hit the spot. It is a solid game where you will be surrounded with a lot of girls. Isn’t that the dream? The game itself has standard graphics and quite unique audio. The background features a lovely desert. Make sure you are not distracted by the attractive ladies or your money will be history.

3. Gold Rush Showdown

Get ready for a real adventure with this game. All the things that come to mind when you think about the Wild West are here. From pistols to a sheriff`s badge, gold and spurs. Hold on to your seat because this game will take you away. It makes you want to play again and again.

4. California Gold

It wouldn’t be the Wild West without gold diggers. This is a game which can make you rich. During the game all you have to do is find the stack of gold. You will have a long way to go through the mines; however there are dynamites, maps, lanterns and many other things to assist you along the way. I hope you are not afraid of the dark. Even if you are the crazy miner is here to help you. Hold on to your hat and let`s ride the rails.

5. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Whoever enjoys a good western movie will be happy to read this title. It is a movie based slot machine. The sound effects completely round up the Wild West experience and the theme music as well. All the symbols: unmarked grave, wanted posters, cannons and etc. are true to the movie. The goal here is to get the three main icons: good, bad an ugly and then you go into a bonus round. If you achieve this you may bank a hefty amount of money.

6. Gold Diggers

Some of the people in the Wild West were meek cattle herders and some of them were mean and rough men with blood on their hands and crime on their mind. I suppose to each their own, still no one could resist the hunt for gold. This game has a funny twist where different people such as a blond minx from saloon and goofy miners are trying to strike it big and earn some money by finding gold. The music is contagiously good and the animations will make you laugh.

7. Western Frontier

This is one of the simpler slot games with 5 reels and 15 pay-lines. The game is divided in two sections Indians and Cowboys. There is also day time and night time. Overall a great game accompanied with solid sound effects.

You can take your time and decide which one you would like to play or just try them all, it wouldn’t hurt. You never know where you might hit the jackpot and go home a hero. Fingers crossed and go for it. Good luck.

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