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Poker Chip Forum Group Buys are Here!

SALVATORE APODACA - Friday, October 21, 2016

We are kicking off a new feature in our store. We are taking orders for limited edition group buys directly on our site. Hopefully this will work well for future group buys and we'll have a lot more.

Are you new to group buys? Group buys or "collective buys" are started usually by collectors and insiders who want to create and offer a limited edition product. We usually see them on the popular niche poker chip forums: PokerChipForum, ChipTalk and HomePokerTourney where poker chip collectors, poker players, hobbyists and professionals gather to talk everything poker and poker chips.

Often when ordering custom poker chip sets or other accessories like buttons or plaques the manufacturers will require minimum order quantities which are not reasonable for one person to order. So a collection of members will join together so they can meet those minimums and often get discounts on their purchases. The discount feature was exploited by the widely popular app Groupon. So this is a popular movement.

We have not offered group buys directly on our web site before but we hope that it will be a feature you all enjoy. 

You can view our current group buys here...

And check out the beautiful image of our first official on-site group buy below:

CMYK Color Wheel Chips are Back in Stock Folks!

SALVATORE APODACA - Monday, October 10, 2016

That's right! CMYK Color Wheel Chips are Back in Stock!

Finally, right? We're sorry for the delay. It took us a while to get the new sets printed but we are good to go. The colors are fresh and ready to roll.


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