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Rounders Poker Chip Replica Pre-Release Announcement

SALVATORE APODACA - Friday, July 31, 2015

Hey there partners. Or should I say "привет" for you Russian speakers. Check it out. We've finally decided to offer our version of the poker chips used by Teddy KGB in the film "Rounders". That's right. Break out the Oreos. The replicas have originally been done a lot in the clay variety so this is not ground breaking or anything we just wanted to give ceramics fans a chance to have a set as well. Plus because they are ceramic they are fully customizable. If you want to change anything it's your call.

Pre-orders are available at the link below...

These are currently in the prototype phase but you should be able to pre-order them as soon as August 1st. Yes, that's tomorrow. So you can pre-order samples sets and full sets. Send us an email if you have any questions at all. You can also ask us to customize your own version of this famous poker chip design and get it printed before everyone else gets their hands on the stock version. But you're going to have to handle Worm on your own. Keep him away from these beauties. (Such a perfect name for that character by the way.)

We will also be releasing plaques in the square and oval versions, as well as a dealer button. We're going "all in" with this set. Was that too much? lol. I'll update with the links for the pre-orders as soon as they become available. Do svidanya!

Our Custom Poker Chip Gallery

SALVATORE APODACA - Sunday, July 26, 2015

A few weeks ago we debuted our Custom Poker Chip Gallery which displays a small percentage of the work we've done throughout the many years (12) we've been in business. Some of the work in the gallery is work that we actually designed for customers. We do a lot of design assistance completely free for our customers. 

We thought putting some of work into a gallery would showcase not only the work we do but would be a great way to highlight the fact that design for this specific genre is really overlooked. There are many artists in the poker chip design industry. These small works of art are admired and collected throughout the world.

So enjoy the gallery and the next time you're handling some poker chips at your nearest club or casino take a moment to admire the artwork on the chip. And if you're a customer who has had work done in the past or is having a set printed or maybe wants to get a set printed and you want your work highlighted in our gallery let us know by sending us an email.

Best Browsers

SALVATORE APODACA - Saturday, July 04, 2015

Well, we've gotten a few reports of problems from folks trying to place orders. This is not uncommon in this world where there are so many different operating systems and so many different devices that all use different types of browsers. It can get very confusing.

First of all, let's start with the obvious. Microsoft announced this year that they are dumping Internet Explorer. Of course they'll be replacing it with a new browser called Edge but at this point we haven't designed our site nor do we support any Micrsoft browsers. Sorry. So if you do happen to be an IE user you might not be able to place an order. In that case you can contact us via email to place an order another way or download one the more modern browsers below.

These are the browsers we have tested and that we currently support...
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Apple Safari
Opera Software's Opera

We highly recommend all of the browsers above. My favorite happens to be a tie between Chrome and Firefox.

Now you might ask. Why wouldn't we support Internet Explorer? Well, it tends to require a lot of extra attention that we just didn't have the time to build for. And since it is being put out to pasture we just felt our time was better spent supporting other more modern browsers.We may add some support in the future but right now it is best if you use one of the above browsers. 

Just remember you don't have to uninstall your old IE browser. You can have an extra browser on your system any time. It sometimes helps because some sites just won't work with certain browsers.

If you have any questions or would like to offer us some advice :) just drop us a line. Thanks guys. Happy 4th of July! 

CMYK Color Wheels for Poker Chip Design

SALVATORE APODACA - Saturday, June 13, 2015

These are CMYK color wheels that are printed on our printers because choosing color is a bear. (is that the right word?) This can be confusing for some folks. In fact it took me months to truly understand the differences between RGB and CMYK. I still learn more everyday. Color is one of the most difficult choices a designer makes. It's important because it is so subjective and personal and it really can be confusing. I'll try to explain it but it might get wordy, lol.

poker chips design tools

What's with the CMYK you ask? Well if you've ever tried to do your own artwork and have it printed anywhere you might have dealt with this. Whenever we design or create anything on a computer screen we are are seeing colors generated by lights that are red green and blue on a black field. That is your monitor. A black field with lights. If you see white it's all three colors added together. This color mode is called RGB and it's used for monitors and televisions screens and all of our smartphones and tablets, etc.

RGB Additive Color

 Now when we print something it is quite different. Have you ever printed something and said, "Well, that doesn't look right. That's not red. That's magenta." Maybe not in those words but you know what I mean. Well that's because your printers at home and especially most commercial printers use a CMYK color mode or palette for their printers. CMYK stands for Cyan (blues), Magenta (reds), Yellow(yellows) and blacK(blacks). If you view anything on paper you'll see a field of white with the inks printed for colors and then if you need white you leave it blank. And the brightness of that white paper or poker chip material is going dictate the brightness of your print job as well So you've got two really different ways that your eyes are going to view your design. On the computer it might look bright and vivid but when it goes to print it looks duller and it just doesn't pop like on your computer. With the use of light RGB has a very wide range of color possibilities whereas CMYK is limited to much fewer.

CMYK Subtractive Color

So how do you navigate these weird waters and come up with colors for your designs? Well like choosing paint for a house you have to use color swatches. Basically our CMYK Color Wheels are poker chip design swatches. This gives you a basic guideline or set of colors to choose from. The codes are printed directly on each color. You'll also get these on our standard 39mm chips so you'll have a sample of the chips as well. It figuratively kills two birds with one stone.

We began printing these this last year and we were using them mainly for our design purposes. I knew they would be a great option for customers but I kept putting off adding them to our web site because I was in the midst of redesigning the site. The minute I added them to the site the orders started pouring in and we were out of stock in no time.

So if you have placed an order and you're waiting to get your hands on these I am hoping we get some printed this weekend and have them out the door Monday. That's not a promise. It's a "hope". :) Please feel free to pre-order. We'll keep cranking these out. They're really useful.

Poker in the News June 5th, 2015

SALVATORE APODACA - Friday, June 05, 2015

Of course the World Series of Poker is well underway folks. I hope some of our customers are able to make it to Las Vegas and participate. Every year I tell myself I'd love to buy in to an event but I just never do it. Now they have this amazing Colossus event. 22,374 entries? Are you kidding me? What kind of master tournament director is in charge of that thing?

AP Photo/John Locher

And they're investigating this guy, Valeriu Coca, who is suspected of marking cards in the Heads Up Event. Wow, you gotta have some real cajones to pull off a cheat in a big recorded event like that. You'd think the idea of just playing poker on the biggest stage would be challenging enough.

Sounds like this will make for some good viewing later this summer.

Back in the Saddle

SALVATORE APODACA - Sunday, May 31, 2015

Yessir. Well, we finally got the new site up and running.
I promised some surprises. We've added design templates, a FAQ, this blog, commenting and ordering and design guides. There will be much more to come in the future.

We haven't quite migrated all the products yet but we're working diligently on it.

Oh yeah. Check out the new home game poker chips that we added as well.

Truthfully. I am worn out. It's been a long haul working on this. I'm just glad we're mostly done.

And please let me know if you have any difficulties checking out or if you find any dead links or 404s. Thanks for your patience.

The New Old...(West Poker Supplies)

SALVATORE APODACA - Friday, April 24, 2015

Well, we're rolling this out a little later than we planned but we really wanted the site to look good for you. And we wanted to add the features we promised. We now have a FAQ page. We have a template download page. We have this new blog! And the site is mobile and tablet friendly - otherwise known as responsive.

There will be other changes coming soon. I'll try to make them a surprise but now that we have this blog I probably won't be very successful at it. Generally I tend to over-share a bit. lol.

The best thing about the new blog is the comments section. You have the ability to give me feedback in context now. And you can correct me when I'm wrong; which is never but you can try. Just kidding, I'm usually wrong about everything.

One last thing. Please feel free to post suggestions for what you want to see in the site. We want Old West Poker Supplies to be a place on the web where you can come to find the best poker products but also for information about poker and poker chip design. Welcome to the new

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