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Just some News and Updates

SALVATORE APODACA - Thursday, October 01, 2015

We have just listed the sample sets for the Rounders Replicas. That's right. You can now sample them before you place that order for these beauties. Just remember it takes 2-3 weeks for us to fill a larger order so give yourself plenty of time to order your chips before your big tournament 

Next on the agenda, the Kickstarter campaign is completed. We just have to print and ship your goodies. They should ship in about three weeks time right before Halloween.

To celebrate the new marijuana laws in at least three of our states including our beloved Oregon we will be producing a year one legal marijuana commemorative chip. Design should be done in November. I'll keep you updated.

Most of our stock ceramic poker chips are available in 39mm, 43mm and 46mm versions. If you have an interest in this please email us ahead of time. You may want to consider that storage options are limited but not impossible for the larger 43mm and 46mm chips.

We will also be highlighting chip designs for intriguing cities throughout the world that should begin arriving during the holidays. This will include Portland (OR), New York (of course), New Orleans, Austin, Las Vegas, London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris, Rome, etc. We're going to try and do a city design each month. Again, I'll keep you updated.

That's it for the news for now. There's always something brewing around here though. Thanks for reading.


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