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The Best Wild West Themed Slot Machine Games in Vegas

SALVATORE APODACA - Wednesday, June 08, 2016

We can take a stroll down memory lane by watching a Clint Eastwood movie or better yet visit an online casino or go to Las Vegas, if the opportunity presents itself, and hit the Wild West themed slot machines. The scariest and harshest place I could imagine is the Wild West. Surely there was never a dull moment there. Fortunately for us that time has passed and now we are more of a couch potato generation. Nowadays there are tablets, phones, computers and so many different gadgets which allow us to surround ourselves in an environment of our choice. In a sense we can travel back in time and experience the lives of Billy the Kid and Wyatt Earp or remind ourselves of the Civil War. One of the most amusing ways to do this is by heading to Las Vegas and playing on one of the Wild West themed slot machines.


You can bring the casino experience home if you prefer. Make you poker nights memorable and visit the best page for casino supplies. You can find casino games, poker trophies, poker chips and many other things. The best hosts are the ones that are always prepared. However undoubtedly when someone mentions a weekend in Las Vegas our heart skips a beat and our brains, like a dog with a bone, focuses only on one thing. There is nothing better than spending a night in “Sin City”. Despite all the partying and all the alcohol you are surely there to test your luck. There are so many different ways to do that. My favorite games are the slot machines, especially the ones with Wild West theme. You can find your top Wild West slot game at top mobile casinos for UK gamblers. Some of my absolute number 1 choices are found online and some are in the Las Vegas casinos. Let`s list some of them.

1. Black Gold

The Wild West is not all about saloons and standoffs. Drilling for oil had also been a hot topic. Here you will find Ol` Bill and his trusty horse searching for that precious liquid. The design is pretty impressive and the sound and background fit the bill too. You can choose from 30 pay-lines and 5 reels.

2. Western Belles

For those of you who enjoy a lady`s company the Western Bells slot machine will hit the spot. It is a solid game where you will be surrounded with a lot of girls. Isn’t that the dream? The game itself has standard graphics and quite unique audio. The background features a lovely desert. Make sure you are not distracted by the attractive ladies or your money will be history.

3. Gold Rush Showdown

Get ready for a real adventure with this game. All the things that come to mind when you think about the Wild West are here. From pistols to a sheriff`s badge, gold and spurs. Hold on to your seat because this game will take you away. It makes you want to play again and again.

4. California Gold

It wouldn’t be the Wild West without gold diggers. This is a game which can make you rich. During the game all you have to do is find the stack of gold. You will have a long way to go through the mines; however there are dynamites, maps, lanterns and many other things to assist you along the way. I hope you are not afraid of the dark. Even if you are the crazy miner is here to help you. Hold on to your hat and let`s ride the rails.

5. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Whoever enjoys a good western movie will be happy to read this title. It is a movie based slot machine. The sound effects completely round up the Wild West experience and the theme music as well. All the symbols: unmarked grave, wanted posters, cannons and etc. are true to the movie. The goal here is to get the three main icons: good, bad an ugly and then you go into a bonus round. If you achieve this you may bank a hefty amount of money.

6. Gold Diggers

Some of the people in the Wild West were meek cattle herders and some of them were mean and rough men with blood on their hands and crime on their mind. I suppose to each their own, still no one could resist the hunt for gold. This game has a funny twist where different people such as a blond minx from saloon and goofy miners are trying to strike it big and earn some money by finding gold. The music is contagiously good and the animations will make you laugh.

7. Western Frontier

This is one of the simpler slot games with 5 reels and 15 pay-lines. The game is divided in two sections Indians and Cowboys. There is also day time and night time. Overall a great game accompanied with solid sound effects.

You can take your time and decide which one you would like to play or just try them all, it wouldn’t hurt. You never know where you might hit the jackpot and go home a hero. Fingers crossed and go for it. Good luck.

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